Earth Spirit & Soul The New Approach to Holistic Psychology.

I use my years of study in Psychology, My Spiritual beliefs and extensive Real Life experiences to create a Holistic approach to Living Well in Our World.

I chose to continue my studies in Psychoanalysis rather than Psychology as It seemed very clear to me that not all people can be treated as a catergory! We are individual people and have very different ways of looking at life. It seemed ridiculous to accept that one stream of Psychology would be the answer to all Psychological Problems.

My Views are based on Individual Diagnosis; Case Studies and Life Experience. I want to change the way the world looks at society in general and focus on the individual. My articles are intended to bring new thought to the people in the world around us


About Good News Place

90% of people will need some form of medication for depression and anxiety by 2020. 90% of People who set out to Work on Line Give Up in the First Month! Will That Be You?
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